Fleeting Escapes


One thing WILL lead to another. Let the good times roll.

Fleeting Moment| 500

(~1.0 hour) 

Amuse Bouche| 750

(~1.5 hours)  

Appetizers; Aperitif | 1,000

(~2.0 hours) 

Whiskey Tasting | 1,500

(~3.0 hours) 

Four Course Meal | 2,000

(~4.0 hours) 

Dinner, Show & Tell | 2,500
(~5.0 hours)

Rich Indulgence | 3,000
(~8.0 hours)

Beautiful Daydream | 4,000
(~12.0 hours)

*Minimum non-refundable $300 deposit required to book

Extended Retreats

Local Extended & Passport Ready Dates



Playful Interlude | 5,000 
(24 hours)

Sweet, Sweet Caresses| 8,800
(48 hours)

Sensual Delights| 12,000

(72 hours)

Private Sanctuary| 15,000

(4 days or nights)

Passions Unfolding| 18,000 

(5 days or nights)

Fly Me To You

A lot of my fantasies include exotic and cultural destinations around our globe! I’d love to explore with  you – from chartered mediterranean cruises to exploring the gladiatorial dungeons beneath our Roman coliseum .. from unassuming michelin star restaurant tours (think bowl of ramen, or singaporean street food)  to luxury indulgences of turkish hammam and hot air balloons..
Fly Me To You | 48 hours minimum booking 

Methods of Payment

E-transfer, Amazon/ Gift Cards, Bank Transfer

*All pricing is in CAD. Dates I cannot fulfill for any reason will be refunded in full.


All photographs and content on this website is created and personalized by myself. Everything you see and read is what you will get. I will always be on time, presentable, prepared, and energized for you during our dates. Please respect that my time and energy outside of our dates will be towards other areas of my life and I am not available for social chatter, catching up, or emotional support. Please keep our extra-date conversations to logistics only.
Thank you for your understanding!
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