Available Rates


One thing WILL lead to another. Let the good times roll.

One Hour (1.0hr) | 500

One and A Half Hours (1.5hrs) | 750

Two Hours (2hrs)| 1,000

Three Hours (3hrs) | 1,500

Four Hours (4hrs)| 2,000

Five Hours (5hrs) | 2,500

Six Hours (6hrs) | 3,000

Full Day (~8-10hrs) | 4,000

Travel Requests (1night+) | 5,000+
*5k first day, 2k/day afterwards. (3k/day afterwards for local)
Flights and separate sleeping and washroom accommodations extra and absolutely necessary. Not available for United States travel itineraries. 

*Premium rates for couples/duos 600/hr – outcall only
*Minimum non-refundable $100 deposit required to book
*Travel fee may apply depending on outcall location 
*Minimum spend may apply depending on distance/time required to travel
*Minimum spend may apply if booking requests fall outside of preferred hours


All photographs and content on this website is created and personalized by myself. Everything you see and read is what you will get. Typically, people tell me my pictures don’t do the in-person me justice at all. You will just have to find out for yourself. I will always be on time, presentable, prepared, and energized for you during our dates. Please respect that my time and energy outside of our dates will be towards other areas of my life and I am not available for social chatter, catching up, or emotional support. Please keep our extra-date conversations to logistics only.
Thank you for your understanding!
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