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(416) 830 – 5376

*Text/Whatsapp only. Do not call. Please be ready to book when contacting me and provide all necessary information required – any back and forth messaging for chit chat for non-logistical reasons will be ignored/blocked.


My general availability is below for advance booking only – 24-48hrs minimum notice is required for all inquiries. For same day inquiries, I recommend contacting me and submitting a deposit early in the morning, as I often have my itinerary set for the day the night before or the morning of with password and also a note of your name on the transfer so I know who it’s from.

*for inquiries outside of regular hours, please inquire in advance.



Monday – Sunday 12pm – 11pm. 


These days, I am accepting a minimum $100 deposit via E-transfer/Paypal/gift card/Crypto in order to confirm a booking. I do not require your personal information nor do I care about it – rather what I’m looking for is a financial commitment to the appointment. I wish for the remaining balance to be received in cash, etransfer or paypal. Absolutely no gift card payments. 

The only other thing I require is transparent and prompt communications and follow through on any booked appointment – please be ready to book when contacting me. Back and forth messaging/questioning is the fastest way to lose my interest. Concise appointment requests show me seriousness and respect for my time – and the rest (sexual chemistry and connection) will follow once we meet. Upon my discretion I may forego the deposit for subsequent appointments if I feel comfortable to. 

Thank you to those who submit deposits without my asking, or pay in full upfront – this makes me feel super relaxed and appreciated!


🛌I only dream of..
beautiful things
beautiful people
and beautiful experiences.
Be fierce; be proud.
Love, Florence
I think weve finally cracked the code. I know HOW to get myself to squirt!!! requires a consistently erect member and someone who takes direction well + agile/strong enough for diff positions 🎊🎓🎇🎆🎂🎓😄😜🥳😹🎉 THANK YOU Niagara!!!!! *clarity of mind*
The most perfect Kogawa strawberry parfait.. from Shisheido Parlour Cafe ☕🍓🍰 VIPFlorenceYi photo
Beautiful service and delightful chinese cuisine at Blue China, Conrad Hotel, Ginza. VIPFlorenceYi photo
@AneGrayson by physical do you mean brick and mortar? thats great that youve found passion elsewhere!
@AleksandraRay_ from someone who has gone from small(32AA), to medium(32C), to huge(32DD), i love my huge boobs SO much. i really think its just personal preference though! beauty comes in all sizes!!
serious question -❓ what do you/we gals want to do in retirement? i cant picture not escorting 😹😹 if this topic interests you, message me! been wracking my brain 🧠 haha 😂 if your answer is invest/make money, you dont know what you want out of life yet, lets figure it out 🥳
TORONTO FEBRUARY HOT GIRL PARTY!! escorts only party 🥳💋 DM/text/whatsapp/email for deets. VIPFlorenceYi photo


Methods of Payment




I am open for free collaborations with photographers/videographers wanting a muse for content. Please inquire via email.

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