The best way to make an introduction is via email – let me know when you are looking to book (date and time), which package you are interested in, what location you would prefer, as well as any questions or special considerations you may have. Advance bookings are much appreciated. Please include a name by which you would like me to address you, and a suitable contact method to reach you.. 

*If you are looking to make a last minute booking or to inquire on same-day availability, please text me rather than email as that would provide the fastest response. Otherwise, please give me up to 24 hours to respond to your email!

Introductory Email


(416) 830 – 5376

*Text/Whatsapp only. Do not call. Please be ready to book when contacting me and provide all necessary information required – any back and forth messaging for chit chat for non-logistical reasons will be ignored/blocked.


I will do my best to accommodate your preferred date and time to meet – please include whether you are looking for a morning, afternoon, or early evening appointment. 

Please be considerate when contacting me as I have both professional and social commitments outside of my world of Florence that also require my attention and I cannot always be in touch immediately. 


24-48 hours notice preferred and recommended. If you have a specific date in mind on your travels, 2 weeks notice is recommended. I do not plan too far in advance to ensure I can keep all my scheduling commitments so if you are booking 3 weeks or longer in advance, I may ask that you contact me at a later time closer to your booking date.


These days, I am accepting a minimum $100 deposit via E-transfer/Paypal/Amazon gift cards in order to confirm a booking. I do not require your personal information nor do I care about it – rather what I’m looking for is a financial commitment to the appointment. 

The only other thing I require is transparent and prompt communications and follow through on any booked appointment – please be ready to book when contacting me. Back and forth messaging/questioning is the fastest way to lose my interest. Concise appointment requests show me seriousness and respect for my time – and the rest (sexual chemistry and connection) will follow once we meet. Upon my discretion I may forego the deposit for subsequent appointments if I feel comfortable to. 

Thank you to those who submit deposits without my asking, or pay in full upfront – this makes me feel super relaxed and appreciative!


🔻Never do anything that diminishes you; never do anything that gets you further from your goal
-Tom Bilyeu 🌐

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@MiaLeeNYC @SamMilanoTO margin always makes me nervous. huge gains huge falls. havent traded ETFs before

@MiaLeeNYC @SamMilanoTO lower volatility is good, wow what a badass friend (her & you!!) good for her.

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@NadiaLovechanko i do feel like its just the regular speed and the 'regular' one is now a delayed speed lol

Ok. Im officially and ongoingly giving into the +$1.50 priority fee for UberEats.

@lara_lafleur i love this model!!! would definitely refer clients looking for just this!!

@EverlyLin omg this reminds me of chinese school!!


Methods of Payment




I am open for collaborations with other content creators as well as companies wanting brand representation or ambassadors. Please inquire via email.

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