Welcome to your personalized experience with Florence – specializing in dates based out of Downtown Toronto, Canada. 

Let me preface by saying that I am no ordinary woman. I don’t sell sex – I sell love. If you are seeking a mundane and purely carnal experience, you may as well turn back now. The essence of me is one full of curiosity and joie de vivre. I look for the same in any lover that I take. Let’s explore the deeper, inner workings inside the cavities of our souls… there is where we will find solace. I don’t pretend to be anything I’m not – yet I strive and am ambitious beyond the shell of Florence.. I hope to stimulate you in multiple dimensions. 

My being here is a full-fledge, individual and personal choice. Nothing has given me greater pleasure in life than living this life full of freedom, intense connection, and sharing. Companionship has followed me throughout various educational pursuits as well as in-between my previous very monogamous relationships. I realize now that I am a free soul – one requiring openness. To give love and to receive it is a great gift that I consider I have – and I share it with you. My ideal relationship would be polyamorous, bisexual, and full of love and laughter. I consider myself a robust and intelligent lady, having completed 2 bachelor degrees at the University of Toronto. I enjoy playing at entrepreneurial endeavours – both for fun and to feed my energies. I strive to exude refinement and class in every step, every breath, and every execution. In my home city of Toronto, I present to you a connection with me that may offer some escape, some truth that you haven’t tasted before, and a great secret – meant to be perfectly shared between just the two of us.  


Height | 5’1 without heels, and I do prefer flats

Weight | 110lbs or lower ideally

Eyes | Enhanced Blue (thank you Paris)

Age | 28 forever

Ethnicity | Cantonese Chinese Canadian, (CCC)

Hair | Dark Brown

Boobs | 32DD (32E)

Shoesies | 5.5 for heels, 6 for sneakers

Service | GFE full service

Education | University of Toronto (never once utilized)

Dietary | gluten-intolerant, low-carb, low-sugar
(favourite cuisines sushi + meditterranean)

Beverage Choice | Freshly squeezed juice, juiced in house (not that bottled mediocrity most places serve), diet coke + 2 lemon wedges worth of lemon juice, no rind nor seeds, glass rim rimmed with lemon, diet cranberry juice, diet ginger ale, or some kind of cappucino with 1 sweetener if I haven’t had one already for the day, which, without fail, I would have already had one in the morning. So decaf cappucino.


I love receiving gifts. It is paramount to romance and feeling adored!

If you would love to really make me feel special, I love shopping. I love test driving powerful cars. I love travel, and new experiences in general. 

Designer, Luxury, Quality. 

Things with beautiful packaging. 

A bag, Heels, Lingerie, Spa retreat for me and my girlfriends, supercar rental, photoshoot credits with a preferred photographer, sephora, victoria’s secret, aritzia, browns, nordstrom.

All dreams come true with enough energy and perseverence.

*Some clients ask what is the best type of gift to give.. for me it is a positive and open minded attitude.. bring the best version of yourself when we meet.. and extend our time together if possible 🙂 
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