•What are your interests? 

I enjoy new experiences as opposed to being a creature of habit, generally speaking and especially if I am in a good mood. When I need to retreat or reflect, you will find that I have activities or rituals that bring me comfort – those include a great coffee in the morning, listening to music while meditating or reflecting and re-formulating and re-visualizing my goals in life, good old fashioned retail shopping (my wish is to do this around the globe), playing at the game of life and dancing on its’ stage! This is just the way I view the world – la vie en rose. 

Getting dressed up and going to enjoy a restaurant expedrience is one of my favourite ways to enjoy someone’s company and to have stimulating conversations. I say restaurant experience as opposed to simply food because the service and the ambiance, and the interactions we have on our way out and back in, and the interplay of observing each other during those interactions.. the memories we build to the songs that are played in the venues or the uber rides.. those are the build up for me.. and I enjoy savouring it. Even thinking on it now gives me goosebumps. 

I also very much enjoy fashion. The best part of shopping is when I find an ameliorated version of a staple item in one’s closet.. great basics and pieces to mix and match make me very happy. It’s incredible how a single piece can be so inspiring and make you feel brand new or empowered, or can remind you of devastation or feed into your insecurities. I view fashion, beauty and art as singular snapshots of personal expression and the particular way one wishes to present themselves to the world at that moment in time. When I peruse my collection of wardrobe pieces and think on my outfit, I recall experiences with each piece as if they were each representative of a memory I have in the past or a longing for a future experience I have in my purview. 

I’m not a big sports watcher – I’d rather get into the thick of the activity myself – even if I suck at it. Growing up I participated in martial arts and this has been a foundation and backbone to my identity.. I found being a disciple of shotokan karate both meditative and liberating as well as instilling discipline and resolve. I often think fondly of those times and I am happy to say that Covid has encouraged me to go back to these roots and to start anew. The facet of me who is a perfectionist and with OCD tendancies thrives from practicing martial arts – the continuous correction and mastering of each movement and using yourself as a mirror and baseline to compare for self improvement… there’s no better sense of fulfillment. 

I love a good freestyle hip hop session or a tai-chi inspired yoga class! Singing and dancing are things I enjoy whether alone or in social situations. When turning up the tunes on my Spotify, you’ll hear hip-hop, R&B, and vocalized trance, soft EDM, lounge jazz. Music and dancing are things that can completely change my mood within a song. I do love listening to musical instruments and performances live or on surround sound speakers – I am constantly looking for better earphones for better sound! 

When it comes to film and TV shows, psychological thrillers and sci-fis rank at the top of my choices. I can’t say I spend much of my time watching shows or movies, but when I choose to, it depends on my mood. Movies are for nights when I want to experience a beginning, meaningful content, and a resolution. Series are for binge watching and something to keep me company during meals at home or when I want a mental distraction/shut-off. 

Finally, I enjoy beautifully constructed cars. I would say I’m definitely a European engine lover. My dream gasoline powered car is definitely the Porsche 911. Some powerful cars I’ve had a chance to personally experience include a Lambhorgini, McClaren, Tesla p90, Nissan GTR, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Mercedes AMG, 911, Range Rover Sport, Jaguar, etc. All this, but in practice I used to be an EV driver.. I’m not anymore, but I do look forward to the day when the infrastructure is reasonably accessible, or until I have a home I can install it in. The only thing I would never entertain is a hybrid – it’s either you’re in or you’re out, pick a side haha! 


•Are you available same-day?

Sometimes – it just depends. 

I am open to it – you just may not get me. You may text me in order to find out availabilities for a same-day or next-day appointment. Especially for patrons I have already met – you can always text me to set up a date. 

•What services do you offer?

Please inquire over email or text for any specific service. You may find a list of services and restrictions on my ad posted in the encrypted local Toronto forum board, Terb.cc. 

•Do you offer duos or see couples?

At this time, no. Well, limited. If I have seen you before, and the girl before, I am open to discussing it, so long as you are handling all the booking protocol/procedure. Though I am bisexual and enjoy the company of women as well as men, I do much prefer one-on-one dates where I can spoil you and enjoy you on my own. 

•Do you do anything else besides Florence?

Yes. I have a civilian daytime employment position that is socially acceptable. I have Florence, who is my personal muse. I maintain other investments. My current project is tackling the beast that is the stock market and I am having a blast as I really see it as limitless potential as well as a way to realize my dream of being a global resident! 

Growing up in a lower-middle class household and seeing my parents struggle and sacrifice to give us a decent quality of life after immigrating to Canada when I was a baby has been my source of inspiration to be a successful person in life. My father instilled work ethic in me while my mother was always our rock. They deserve to see me succeed, at the very least. 

Honestly, life has so much to offer and I don’t ever feel constrained when I know my options are infinite and that all it takes is for my mind to remain open. I am always on the lookout to learn more about financial health, passive wealth, and long-term strategy and planning. I am a big proponent of FIRE (financially independent; retiring early) and am working my way towards that goal for myself and for my family (mainly my parents but I would love to be able to support my siblings too if they were ever in need)!

I enjoy meeting and learning through my long term relationships with my suitors as Florence – gaining perspective and being stimulated in so many different ways and through different lenses.. it’s both refreshing and passion-inspiring. You are all the reasons why I am able to live my best life.. and I want to thank you for visiting my page and having a read through my profile!

•I am a bit nervous – can you cater to me? 


I love meeting first-timers. If you let me know it is your first time, I will especially pay attention to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your experience with me. I will never do anything you are uncomfortable with, and communication and checking in with you is very important to me. My hope is that you will leave with an overwhelming positive experience and memory which will colour your world with a little more vibrancy. 

Everybody’s experience is different and the best advice that I have for someone who is nervous is to come in without any expectations. Sometimes, people can really get into their heads and can negatively impact the experience and our performances if one is constantly worried or has a very specific agenda. The best sessions typically are when we go with the flow – and it becomes an organic and wildly fun way for us both to express ourselves.


•Can you provide a reference?

I regret to inform you that I will no longer be providing references unless we have seen each other on more than 3 separate occasions with no issues. Recent unfortunate experiences where I have referred a new gentlemen who later caused issues for me has made me no longer able to trust referring new clients. 

•I had a phenomenal time – can I write a positive review? 

I would love that! 

Reviews help me to establish a good reputation in this industry where often clients like yourself do not know what information can be trusted. It would serve other potential patrons find a reputable and safe provider, as well as for me to be in touch with desirable and safe clients.

•Food allergies, drugs, tattoos, enhancements? 

Raw lobster (even lightly poached.. must be thoroughly cooked) and raw large species of shrimp (sweet amaebi shrimp is fine). Gluten intolerance. I do not use any recreational drug – I do not ‘party’ myself but do not judge you for doing so. I do not have any tattoos or unconventional piercings.

•Acceptable payment methods? 

I very much value discretion on both sides – however I ask for a deposit in order to secure our booking to avoid interacting with time-wasters. A deposit is required for all subsequent dates as well. I accept multiple forms of deposit for your convenience. I have outlined payment methods below.
My first preference is Interac E-transfer (for Canadians) as that will be a direct transfer into my account. You may split the amount into several transactions leading up to the date if necessary.
However, if you are looking for a more discrete form of deposit, you may send me an amazon gift card and the remaining in cash upon meeting. 
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