•What are your hobbies? 

I enjoy new experiences generally. 

Getting dressed up and going to enjoy a restaurant is one of my top favourite ways to enjoy someone’s company. I say restaurant as opposed to simply food because the service and the ambiance, and the interactions we have on our way out and back in, and the interplay of observing each other during those interactions.. that is the build up for me.. and I enjoy savouring it. When I travel, I’m often planning my travelling around restaurant experiences! 

I also very much enjoy fashion and it gives me great pleasure to shop and watch people out and about – whether thriftily, from a window, or lavishly – the aisles of stores and procure interesting and robust pieces into my wardrobe. The best part of shopping is when I find an ameliorated version of a staple item in one’s closet.. great basics and pieces to mix and match make me very happy. These days quality is more important than quantity. 

I’m not a big sports watcher – I’d rather get into the activity myself. Growing up I participated in martial arts as well as several sports – I can be quite competitive by nature and it comes out whether it’s in a physical sport game or an intellectual board game. Poker, or Truth or Dare are some other games I also enjoy. 

I love a good choreographed hip hop dance class or a tai-chi inspired yoga class. Singing and dancing are things I enjoy whether alone or in social situations. When turning up the tunes on my Spotify, you’ll hear hip-hop, R&B, and vocalized trance. Music is one of the things that can completely change my mood within a song. I do love listening to musical instruments and performances live – but not at the expense of being in a crowd or standing for a prolonged period of time, especially outdoors. I’m definitely somewhat princess-y in that sense – DO NOT take me camping! 

When it comes to film and TV shows, psychological thriller ranks at the top of my choices. Movies like Shutter Island and I Am Mother, for example. I also love comedies, especially romantic ones – Think Like A Man, for example. Action and fantasy are entertaining to me as well – Avatar, LOTR and Harry Potter come to mind. Touching movies that make you cry, like Hitch. I love TV shows with character development or types of humour – 100, The 3%, Empire, Breaking Bad, The Office.. I also enjoy Korean + Taiwanese drama as well as Anime shows! 

Finally, I enjoy beautifully constructed cars – definitely a European engine lover, though I am an EV driver. 


•Are you available same-day?

Sometimes – it just depends. 

I am open to it – you just may not get me. You may text me in order to find out availabilities for a same-day or next-day appointment. Especially for patrons I have already met – you can always text me to set up a date. 

•What services do you offer?

Please inquire over email or text for any specific service. You may find a list of services and restrictions on my ad posted in the encrypted local Toronto forum board, Terb.cc. 

•Do you do anything else besides Florence?

Yes. I have a primary daytime employment position that produces an income stream. I have Florence on the side. I also like to dabble in other investments and side businesses/hustles and am always on the lookout to learn more about financial health, passive wealth, and long-term strategy and planning. 

I am quite a mommy’s girl – you will find me making time for and visiting my parents uptown at least once a week. 

In terms of my personal romantic life, I currently focus all my emotional energy into Florence dates. From my previous experience, I find it too emotionally taxing to have both Florence dates as well as personal dates. When I did it, some 7 years ago, I found that I would not be able to give myself in as robust a way as I am able to now, today. I think this really impacts the experience in terms of how my client feels as well as my personal enjoyment of it. 

•I am a bit nervous – can you cater to me? 


I love meeting first-timers. If you let me know it is your first time, I will especially pay attention to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your experience with me. I will never do anything you are uncomfortable with, and communication and checking in with you is very important to me. My hope is that you will leave with an overwhelming positive experience and memory which will colour your world with a little more vibrancy. 

Everybody’s experience is different and the best advice that I have for someone who is nervous is to come in without any expectations. Sometimes, people can really get into their heads and can negatively impact performance if one is constantly worried or has a very specific agenda. The best sessions typically are when we go with the flow – and it becomes an organic and wildly fun way for us both to express ourselves.

•Do you offer duos or see couples?

Yes – I am bisexual and enjoy the company of women as well as men. However, for my safety and comfort, I would only be available for a duo if I have already met you before on your own as well as if I’ve already met the other provider. For couples, I require a mandatory deposit as a security measure. Any provider I have not yet met I would proactively do a coffee meet with her, as long as she is open to it. Same rates apply. 

•Can you provide a reference?

Yes. If I have seen you recently, I can provide a reference for you to another verifiable sp who contacts me through their advertised contact method. However, please keep in mind that I will always be honest with my reference. Notes shared may include safety, payment, hygiene, services requested, respect to appointment time booked, etc. 

•I had a phenomenal time – can I write a positive review? 

I would love that! 

Reviews help me to establish a good reputation in this industry where often clients like yourself do not know what information can be trusted. It would serve other potential patrons find a reputable and safe provider, as well as for me to be in touch with desirable and safe clients. 

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