Here are a collection of overwhelmingly positive reviews, of my service in the past… I am eager to please and love to connect with beautiful people and beautiful energies! Reviews help me to establish a safe and desirable clientele and all positive testimonials are SO much appreciated!! Thank you for supporting my dreams!

Happy Anniversary Florence!

A visitor to Toronto wanting a diversion, I commenced my research and quickly homed in on Florence Yi ( ). Having read her website and twitter feed, I decided that she is the gal for me. I was so intrigued that I booked her dinner and fun package. Before anyone comments, I know that she is expensive but I don’t do this often, I was celebrating being awarded a new contract, and had a feeling that she was worth it. I reached out and after a bit of a scheduling snafu on my part we settled on a date and time. Financial arrangements were handled by e-transfer so it would feel much more like a date. She arrived at my hotel a few minutes late, but kept me apprised of her eta, only serving to heighten my anticipation. I opened the door following to see a true beauty. Her pictures are true to life and demonstrate how flawless she is physically, but fail to capture her two most beautiful features: her face and her eyes. I could not stop looking at her, and had to pinch myself to ensure that this old guy was not dreaming. Silly me, I had made reservations for 45 minutes after her scheduled arrival at a place about 15 minutes away. This schedule gave little time for the “get to know you” phase but we certainly made good use of our limited time. Although acronyms cheapen the experience, they do provide a good short hand for what happened next: LFK led to DFK led to a quick BJ before dinner. To say she is an expert is an understatement. This woman knows her way around a cock and seems to love the process. Her eye contact during it pushed me over the edge. We quickly cleaned up, dressed, called an Uber ( selecting the no conversation option per Florence’s suggestion), and were off to dinner. Warning to my compatriots! Having booked via my OpenTable account, my true identity was revealed. We ate at a service oriented restaurant and our waitress made sure to refer to me by my name at most every interaction. The best, however, was yet to come. Your OpenTable profile contains a lot of secrets. We talked our way through dinner. Florence is a great listener and I must say that I really enjoyed watching her watch me as I spoke. Her beautiful eyes and face giving me their full attention was a real turn-on. The conversation was not one-sided, and I really got to know this young woman. She is much more than a beautiful face with an awe-inspiring body. I refused desert and she thanked me for my decision as she didn’t need it but would have been convinced to order it had I not shown resolve. What happened next was unexpected to say the least. Our waitress brought out a small chocolate cake and wished us both a happy anniversary, even thought my profile said that that date passed almost three weeks ago. However, it was so special and romantic and Florence definitely appreciated the gesture. I have difficulty believing that the waitress thought we were a couple in that sense, but one never knows. Maybe she thought that I could pull such a hot babe. Our maybe she thought that I (used to) possess a million dollars. Who knows. Anyway, I think that the waitress enjoyed it and I got to celebrate another anniversary. Anticipation grew during the ride home. Florence is not one for PDAs, and I agree. We were alone in the elevator, so I was lucky enough to get in a quick kiss and squeeze. Back in the room, the main event commenced. I don’t think that I need to go into details, but suffice it to say that our unrushed experience drained me two more times and ended with gentle caresses under the covers, me staring once more into her beautiful eyes. She then dressed, kissed and hugged me, and disappeared into the night. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. These eyes certainly beheld her. Value for money is also a personal decision. I definitely received great value for money. Happy anniversary, Florence!​

Florence Yi - The Perfect Asian for me...

Even though have been in the hobby for quite a while now around other parts of the world, I am new to the Toronto scene, recently registered here and found these amazing reviews on Florence which made me contact her, the booking part was very easy, we agreed for a 3 hr date, her address was easy to find, she met me downstairs, a warm hug and we were at her place...popped open a wine and got comfy on the couch, great conversation on a variety of topics including her sexperiences and mine for about an hour... I hopped into the shower was out in a few minutes and then we started off again on the couch with a lfk which eventually led to dfk...boy she knows how to use her of the few that I would crave for more, slowly got out of her dress to give me a spectacular view of a see through lingerie...we had amazing fun on the couch for a while with constant dfk and the best bbbj, the eye contact while at it was a huge turn on for me, I rarely get it, we then moved onto the bed and now was my turn for a DATY/DATO, which she clearly enjoyed... after few min we switched into 69 position and all I can say is for the I was in a trance with this beauty fucking her pussy with my tongue, finally the cover came on after a while and finished with her on the top... I have my own share of experiences in other parts of the world but Florence stands out hands down, highlights for me would be her facial beauty, skintone, and the way she carries herself during a conversation, she definitely knows how to get the best out of a man...and this has been one of my best experience till date compared to other girls that I have seen in Toronto... To take it to the next level...We discussed a duo date for next time which will be my first ever, I asked her for recommendations with whom she has great chemistry in bed...and as I am writing this review, she is sending me texts with names to see who would I like to see her with...

Florence Yi - Definition of an ABG

Saw Florence Yi a few weeks ago. Some thoughts. From head to toe she embodies the definition of an ABG (Asian Baby Girl). I don't think there's a better way to describe her. That super popular Asian girl in the nightclub kinda vibe? Yup that describes. The session was a perfect cross between a GFE and a PSE. She is a lady who knows how to push a guy's buttons. From every single moment of my body she was able to tell exactly what I wanted and adjusted her technique/tempo accordingly.

After the session I commented she knew better about what I wanted than I do and that's absolutely true. Also, booking with her is incredibly easy. Actually so smooth of a process that I want to highlight it in this review. I booked on a very special day where quite literally no one else was available and she was happy to make time for me with 24hr notice (and a very convenient screening process). She answers texts fast and gets the logistics done faster than most studios I have booked with before.

Now I know some people (who haven't even seen her?) are clamouring about her rates being too high...All I will say is that I was fully happy with my decision; this is a review board so if you didn't even seen her and are spewing negativity on her reviews just GTFO, no one cares.

Florence Yi

I was lucky enough to see Florence a few times when she made her initial return a little over a year ago and I was admittedly disappointed when it seemed like she had retired again last March. Since her second return I have made sure to reconnect with her as soon as I could.

Looks: Absolutely gorgeous girl in my opinion. Full lips, amazing eyes and great hair. My friends tell me my standards for attractiveness for Asian girls is extremely high so take that for whatever its worth. Florence is in great shape and dresses very fashionably. Tight stomach and amazing ass. Her photos are very accurate and I have asked her to wear some of her everyday outfits in her photos because it makes me feel like I am hooking up with a hot coworker.

Attitude: Very playful and sexy. Likes to smile and laugh when you are with her and makes you feel like a million bucks. Has a slightly mischievous attitude when it comes to sex. Makes the sessions really hot and gets really into it.

Service: FULL GFE. Full in all caps. Lots and lots of intense DFK. Amazing bbbj. Takes directions well and is pretty adventurous. If you want to smush on the sofa, the floor, the bed, the chair wherever, shes down. Also into multiple positions.

In summary, I have found my unicorn* - a gorgeous Canadian born asian that also gives great service.
*For reference one of the urban dictionary definitions of a unicorn is “ often describing someone who is remarkably attractive, but not at all batshit crazy, amazing at sex, and has a great personality.”

Florence Yi in Vancouver

Hello everyone,
I had the pleasure of meeting Florence Yi during her recent trip to Vancouver. She is pretty well known, but I thought that I would leave my review here as there aren't as many recent reviews of her, plus I think more data is always better.
Synopsis: oh my, what an incredible lady (goddess!) that I've just discovered
Communicating with Florence was easy and she responds promptly to emails. I setup a 2 hour meeting with her at her incall location in the Yaletown area. Her incall was easy to find, clean, and discreet.
Florence greeted me in a beautiful dress that accentuated her figure very nicely. When I first saw her, I almost couldn't believe my eyes. She is absolutely gorgeous. She is definitely the hottest SP I've seen, and I would say one of the top 5 hottest ladies I've EVER seen, civvie life included. She is the kind of lady that you can't stop looking at, but know that you have absolutely no chance with (or at least that's how I would feel). If you like CBCs, there is no question that you will find her very attractive. She is pretty petite, which is also my type.
We chatted for a bit over some wine. Actually, we chatted for quite a while. I found her very interesting and well-spoken. She is intelligent, very easy to talk to, and she has a great sense of humour. Honestly, she's the perfect package. We have a lot of common interests, so that helped. She made me feel really comfortable and at ease.
After excusing myself to shower up and chatting for a bit more, we got a bit closer and started touching each other. One thing led to another, and you know how this goes. I don't like to give details about what we did, but she was a lot of fun, and extremely sexy. She definitely knows how to please a man, in so many ways. I had one of the best, longest-lasting orgasms ever. I actually chuckled a little bit afterwards because it lasted longer than I am used to.
Somehow, even 2 hours was not enough time. We said our goodbyes, and nothing could wipe the smile off my face the entire way home.
Repeat: oh hell yes, I already have another date with her setup for when I'm in Toronto next.

Fantastic Florence Yi!

For the first time in my millennial life, I have experienced fomo (fear of missing out). I have wanted to see Florence Yi before I retired (or hope to). I was pleasantly able to meet this wonderful dame tonight! Booking is quite easy with her, I did my best to follow her etiquette rules of order and in the end, she still had time for me. I am not sure what I can add on to this wonderful lady. She is gorgeous beyond measure, great fun-sized body, cute toes, nice spread, naturally fit body, wonderful firm breasts, elegant neck, pillowy soft lips, and just lovely eyes. Literally head to toe of beautiful bewilderment.

She has a dawning appeal, an attraction that exudes professionalism but in a sensual way. Very easy to talk to, I can see why there is so much demand to date her, and can easily be a great partner in life. I can’t say that this is just a persona for her, this is genuine appeal to her delightful personality. I highly recommend you take a listen to her podcast to get a sneak peek of what she is like. I admitted that I listened beforehand and it was actually what convinced me to meet her for certain. The confidence, her intelligence, her personable character, and her honest intentions spark amazement. She is basically someone to keep around because she sparks joy in your life (lol). I hope to write something sweet and wonderful for this great lady since I have enjoyed her company very much.

Take a gander at her site for services, I don’t need to publicize all the hashtags we went through. Her suite, is clean and modern, fully stocked bathroom to ensure you clean up well.

I sometimes feel odd to walk out naked to ladies, so I walked over with a towel, but she was ready and waiting for me. Embarrassment on my face, I quickly ran to put the towel away and kneel down to begin that intimate connection. Great kisser, in some ways, didn’t want to stop. I think for me, after getting to know each other a bit, she provided everything I could ask for. I believe she can cater to any soul, so for at least the time I had with her, it was truly pleasant. A slow sensual experience with a hint of heat at the end. It was a really pleasant time, I am both happy that I have met her but also sad that it may be a long while till I meet her again. It has been a long while since I have had this euphoric experience, very nostalgic.

After we finished up, I pleasantly left, though I also couldn’t walk properly due to that notch of heat at the end. I think from what I have read from other posters, is she worth a visit at her price point, I totally agree. And I also would totally extend my hours if I had the time. The 1 hour really only feels like a teaser to her. If quality, class, and a fun-sized Asian spinner is what you crave, I highly recommend her.

Thanks Florence for a delightful time! I would definitely repeat if time were permitting.

Florence Yi

I had the pleasure of seeing Florence Yi this week and she is definitely worth it.

I’ve been looking to see a higher end provider for a while and was doing my research of who would be the best first experience. I’ve been eyeing Florence since her return and I am so glad she returned.

Booking was very easy and I like that she doesn’t ask for personal information when booking other than your name. I had some questions after booking and she was very understanding and responsive. I was a little hesitant since you can’t really see her face much in the pictures and I’ve been burned before, but I’m glad I took the plunge. I don’t have yellow fever or anything, but I believe in my personal preference and probably most guys here that Florence is DDG. She’s got a beautiful face, great smile. Her body is totally smoking too, great ass and just the right sized breasts.

Her incall location is easy to get to and is pretty discrete. I showed up a couple mins early and she came down and got me. When I saw her I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. I asked myself why didn’t I come to see her sooner!

We got up to her place and we talked a little but to break the ice and I’m glad we did as we spoke about life and real world events. She’s really easy to talk to and really makes you feel comfortable.

I won’t get into all the details of our session, but this is the most sensual and exciting session I’ve ever had. It’s really a GFE. I felt like I was really her lover or boyfriend or even husband. Afterwards we spoke some more and I left thinking this was really worth it and I had a great experience.

Review: Florence Yi

It’s been a while since I last participated in the hobby. I logged in and saw who was advertising and saw that Florence was advertising. I remember seeing her old website and ads before but never got the chance to see her.
I contacted Florence and booking was very easy and so was timing. Her location is in Downtown Toronto which was great for me. It was a rainy and dreary day outside which made it a great day to stay inside
When I arrived a saw a hot petite college co-ed. She truly is beautiful. She is even better looking than her photos. She’s petite with nice curves. We chatted for a bit which was very pleasant. Florence is very easy to talk to and engaging.
I went and freshened up and met her in the bedroom. We started kissing and petting. She’s a great kisser. Then we started on BBBJ which was phenomenal. After that we switched to DATY and that was a lot fun. Florence is very responsive and really enjoys this a lot! We soon after jumped into the main event. We did many of the standard positions and I asked which one would make her cum and we did that with a vibrator to help assist her. OMG that was a lot of fun. The sun came out after we came.
Overall, the experience was amazing and I will repeat.

Florence Yi

I am one happy camper. I booked a 2 hour visit with Florence this weekend.Her communication was quick and polite. We agreed on an outcall at a downtown hotel.
So on to the appointment. She arrived right on time.None of this I need 10 more minutes or tied up in traffic excuses that alot of ladies have. She was implacably dressed and looked like she was going out for a dinner date. I shouldn't have been surprised as she has always looked good every time I have seen her in the past.We sat down and got caught up on each others lives.
We started to have some fun on the bed and next thing you know we are both naked and rolling around like teenagers. While this was going on Florence said "are there fireworks going off" I looked out the window and there were fireworks going off at city hall. She came over to see and we sat down on a chair together in a romantic embrace watching them. It was so nice to feel her warmth against my skin.
Back to the bed and more rolling around. Then I so wanted to taste her and down I went. She is smooth as silk and very responsive.After awhile she said she wanted to taste me but I didn't want to stop so we went to 69. Yes, she knows what she is doing. This went on for a bit and then I asked her to sit on me. On went the raincoat and she mounted me. Off to the races we went, lol. She mixed it up between slow and sensual and some quicker motion. She also has the cutest devilish smile I have ever seen(she knows what I mean). There was no shortage DFK through out the entire session. Well it wasn't long before she drained me. Then it was cuddle time until our time was done.
A few things I want to mention about Florence. Her pictures are very accurate. No tattoos which is so refreshing. Will always be well dressed and light make up beautifully done. Read her website because it is very accurate to what she is all about. Forgot to mention the most important thing for me, she has such a wonderful and pleasant personality. Put me at such ease as I am not much of a social person. To me she is worth every penny and will be seeing her again in the new year. Treat her right and she will treat you the same way. I will have a skip in my step all week.
Guys, you can call me a white knight or what ever else you want. Florence is the perfect match in every way for me.
Note to Florence. If you read this I know you enjoyed the 1 gift and I hope to see you wearing the second one next time we meet.